MAPCO – Nashville Billboard Shoot

On Thursday, April 11, 2013 a team from MAPCO met with customers at Cumulus Broadcasting Studio in  Nashville, TN.  The goal was to put our own customers on the radio, local billboards and to build personal relationships with them.  My role on the team was to photograph our customers for billboards around Nashville. Due to the weather, we had to photograph our customers outside.  Our customers were shot inside with two studio lights and a flash bouncing off of the ceiling.  Various MAPCO related props were used, such as drinks, snacks, tickets and a gas pump.  We then took actual comments from their radio interview to place on the billboards. I had a soccer coach in high school that would say "The more you shoot, the more are likely to go in".  I have applied this concept to many areas of my life, including photography.  I took around 800 photos in a 3 hour period.  Out of this we selected 8 photos to place on billboards around Nashville.