Building a User Experience begins with an idea.


Goals are chosen and users defined.



Tech-tolerant PCP at a three-physician independent practice



Tech-savvy pediatrician at a large multi-specialty clinic



Operations-driven CIO of a small rural hospital



Systematic office manager at a small practice considering EHR

Paths are laid out and destinations are found.

User Journey

Plans get more complex and the final product is complete.



Cash Flow Budget App Idea

Cash flow is an app that allows the user to organize their various financial accounts.  This is a polished design of a personal budget screen where the information is laid out, from a quick glance on the left, to a more in-depth look to the right. Various techniques, gradients and layers were used to create a clean, yet stylish look.  Everything you see here was designed by me from scratch.


Responsive Layout

This is the mobile view of my responsive website.  Design challenges arise in this day and age with content being viewed in different browsers, smart phones, tablets and computers.  The countless screen dimensions out there demand clever layouts. The website you are viewing right now, as well as the majority of my portfolio, respond and shift their look to fit each screen perfectly.


SlowBurn Church

Learning to burn for all that He burns for Slow Burn is dedicated to raising up believers who burn for all that He burns for, who walk as Jesus walked, and who further desire to experience the powerful intimacy of God’s passion. We choose to refuse anything other than to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Click here to View the Project


Carbine & Associates

Carbine & Associates has grown and established the reputation of a Professional Residential Building Company in the Tennessee area. Based in Franklin, Tennessee, our company’s portfolio includes interests in and ownership of residential and commercial properties throughout Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Carbine & Associates’ goal is to exceed customer expectations and raise the industry benchmark for quality among home builders.


Butler Coaching

Butler Coaching exists to help people find passion, live from purpose, transform culture, and pursue dreams.  This company is about dreaming and doing something with our dreams. When we co-labor with God and partner with the desires he gives, we can make impact in our own environment and culture. - Click her to view project


Mapco Mart

MAPCO Express, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delek US Holdings, Inc. With headquarters in Brentwood, Tenn., MAPCO operates convenience stores under the MAPCO Express®, MAPCO Mart®, East Coast®, Discount Food Mart™ , Fast Food and Fuel™, Delta Express®, and Favorite Markets® brand names. It is one of the largest company-operated convenience store chains in the United States, and one of the leading C-store operators in the Southeast. More than half of the retail segment’s store locations are in Tennessee, and the Company owns the real estate of more than half of the stores it operates. - Click Here to view this project


Bob Upgren

Brainwave Studios hired me to design Bob Upgren’s website. This was a custom WordPress install.   I started with the Standard theme. Bob Upgren is the CEO and President of Cross Training Inc., one of the largest sports and leadership organizations in the country… Click Here to View the Project


Ask Junebug

Brainwave Studios hired me to design Ask Junebug’s website. I was not the developer on this project. Wherever she goes, she’s always reaching out to help, teach and encourage others. So, enjoy her website, the “little doses of june”, and the questions and answers. For we all could use “a little dose of june”… – Click Here to View the Project



Brainwave Studios hired me to design Votility’s website. I was not the developer on this project. Votility is a non-partisan, unbiased, non-party affiliated, real-time political accountability service specifically targeting three areas in American politics: Education, Communication and Accountability…


Secret Anthem

Brainwave Studios hired me to design Secret Anthem’s website. I was not the developer on this project. Secret Anthem is the new, simple, direct, and guaranteed way of getting your music heard by the right people.Through a streamlined process, your music gets in front of artists and producers who are having a huge impact on the global Christian community, and then together, we’ll help nurture and cultivate what God has blessed you with… - Click Here to View the Project